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Service Description:

The data are used in various hydrogeological studies including aquifer characterisation, groundwater vulnerability mapping, environmental impact assessments (EIAs/EISs), onsite wastewater treatment assessments and other environmental groundwater studies, academic research.

It is important to note that it is NOT a comprehensive database and is not a comprehensive list of all the wells in any one area. Although we try to ensure the information is as reliable as possible, the GSI takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the data or for decisions made on the basis of using the data. Due attention must be paid to the location accuracy given with each well record, which ranges from 10m to more than 1km (townland accuracy). Digital files are updated periodically and users are responsible for obtaining the latest version of the data.

There are 31 published data fields (designated in square brackets below, []). Not all records have data associated with all fields and, for many of the records, only some of the fields have values.

[GSIName]: GSI's name for borehole/spring/trial pit/dug well.

[OrigName]: bh/spring/trial pit/etc. in original study.

[SrcName]: name of supply (for public, group scheme supplies, etc.).

[Source Type]: Source Type, e.g. borehole, spring, dug well, unknown.

[Depth_m]: Depth of hole (metres).

[Dpth-Rck_m]: Depth to rock (metres).

[DTRConfid]: Confidence in Depth to rock finding - met, presumed, unknown.

[DrillDate]: Date well or spring construction commenced

[Easting] Easting, six figure Irish National Grid reference.

[Northing]: Northing, six figure Irish National Grid Reference.

[Loc_Acc]: Spatial accuracy of the Grid Reference, in metres/kilometres.

[Townland]: Townland name.

[SixInShtNo]: OSi Six Inch sheet number.

[County]: County.

[SourceUse]: The use to which the source is put, e.g., public supply source, private, etc.

[Yield_m3d]: The yield of the source, cubic metres per day. Value given not always the sustainable yield.

[YldClass]: The GSI yield class -Boreholes: Excellent (>400m3/d), Good (100-400m3/d), Moderate (40-100m3/d), Poor (<40m3/d) -Springs: High (>2,160m3/d), Intermediate 430-2,160m3/d), Low (<430m3/d)

[ProdClass]: The GSI Productivity Class - related to specific capacity. Five classes range from I (best) to V (worst).

[Abstr_m3d]: Average reported daily abstraction, cubic metres per day. Correct value when record entered, may have changed since.

[Ovrflw_m3d]: Average daily overflow from spring, cubic metres per day.

[AbstrDDm]: The typical drawdown in the well, in metres, for the reported daily abstraction.

[SC_m3dm]: The specific capacity of the well (cubic metres per day per metre) at the stated daily abstraction rate.

[CasngDiamm]: Diameter of casing at top of hole (millimetres).

[Wtrstrk1_m]: First reported waterstrike encountered when drilling (metres)

[Wtrstrk2_m]: Second reported waterstrike encountered when drilling (metres)

[Wtrstrk3_m]: Third reported waterstrike encountered when drilling (metres).

[Wtrstrk4_m]: Fourth reported waterstrike encountered when drilling (metres).

[Wtrloss1_m]: Depth (metres) at which water loss occurred.

[GenComms]: Comments, general

[DrillComms] Comments, generally related to drilling conditions.

[CasingComs]: Comments, on casing, conditions when drilling, water strikes, losses, quality

Map Name: Groundwater Wells and Springs


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Layers: Description: This database contains records of boreholes, dug wells, springs, and site investigations. Data are derived from GSI drilling, fieldwork and surveys, Local Authorities and other state bodies, Private Well Grants, Drillers, Consultants, Group Water Schemes and Academia. It is NOT a comprehensive database, and the locations of records have different precisions depending on the source data.

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